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China warned Tuesday that any conflict on the Korean peninsula would have "no winners", after North Korea accused US President Donald Trump of declaring war on it.

Beijing reiterated its plea for peace talks after the bellicose rhetoric between the United States and North Korea reached new heights in recent days, following Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test early this month.

China hopes Washington and Pyongyang realise that "blindly flaunting one's superiority with words to show off and mutual provocation will only increase the risk of confrontation and reduce the room for policy manoeuvres", said foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang.

"A war on the Korean peninsula will have no winners and would be even worse for the region and regional countries," Lu told a regular news briefing.

Trump tweeted at the weekend that North Korea's leadership "won't be around much longer" if it keeps up its threats.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho accused Trump of declaring war, and warned that his country would be ready to shoot down US bombers.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis toned down the rhetoric on Tuesday, saying Washington wanted a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

(booklet printing, printing in China).


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